Weekday Meet-and-Greet!
Present a...

Come join Primal Pleasure Party at Number 1 Broadway in Los Gatos for a weekday
gathering!  Mingle with other attractive sexy couples and singles at the bar.  Come
after work, enjoy the setting, have some snacks / drinks and meet some new
Lifestyle friends.

    Number 1 Broadway
    102 South Santa Cruz Avenue #6
    Los Gatos, CA  95030

    $5 Cover Charge
    $5 Drinks
    Limited Bar Snacks Included

    A weekday in November, 2018
    Meet-and-Greet:  5:00 PM until 9:00 PM
    Live music and dancing starts at 9:00 PM
    Bar closes at 2:00 AM

    Sign up on Lifestyle Lounge, Kasidie, SLS or contact us for details.

If you are new to the Lifestyle, this venue is perfect for you!  Check things out,
mingle and leave when you are ready.  Nothing to commit to, no one will judge you.  
It is fun, flirty and sexy...without being creepy or weird.

If you are a seasoned Swinger, this is a wonderful place to connect with amazing
folks and put some personality with those profiles you see on those Lifestyle sites.  
Invite your other Lifestyle friends along!

Because alcohol is being served, you must be age 21 or over to attend.

Ladies:  Casual, business or club wear is fine.

Gentlemen:  Dress to impress. Smart or casual. No jeans, baseball caps, t-shirts

Weather is always a concern, so prepare accordingly.


This event is being held in a public venue.  Vanilla folks may be drawn to our fun,
frivolity and sexy vibe and invite themselves in.  Please ensure you are engaging a
Lifestyle person and not someone outside of our community.

We want to create a friendly, fun, flirty, sexy yet comfortable environment for all our
guests.  We strictly enforce the "No Means NO" and "Ask Before You Touch" rules at
the Meet-and-Greet.

What this means is there will be ZERO TOLERANCE of anyone stalking, lurking,  
ogling, imparting unwanted or unsolicited touching, grabbing, groping, inserting
themselves into other peoples scenes, not respecting personal space and/or any
other creepy, sleazy, unpleasant or inappropriate behavior.

If we get ANY verifiable reports of such behavior, we will ask you to leave
immediately and to not return in the future.  There will be no warnings or second
chances.  These rules do not apply to CONSENSUAL behavior by all parties involved.

Please, no drug use at the venue.  Medically prescribed edibles are okay, but please
don't share with others.  Tobacco and e-cig use outside only.  We all enjoy a relaxed
"buzz" from the bar, but overly intoxicated people are not fun to be around.  Please
drink (and drive) responsibly.
Limited to 5 Select Males
Number 1 Broadway