NASCA International
'For Those Who Want More Than Just One Bite Of The Apple'
North American Swing Club Association.  A great resource for those just starting out in
the Lifestyle.  Plenty of information about clubs, events, venues, resorts, and travel.

Lifestyle Lounge
'A Place To Explore The Erotic Side Of Your Life'
One of the classiest Lifestyle sites available.  Several powerful tools built into the
website to manage your profile and find that perfect couple.  Our favorite site!

'Remember My Name, You'll Be Screaming It Later!'
A very good online site featuring quality couples and singles.  Many wonderful features
including full profile search capabilities, chat and communities.

Swing Life Style
'Start Your Sexual Revolution!'
A wonderful site with a LARGE following.  You are bound to find plenty of couples
willing to play locally to you.

'Explore Your Wild Side'
A valuable online site featuring quality couples and singles focused on the community
aspect of the Lifestyle.

Decadence Party
'Sometimes Too Much Is Just Right'
Ultra classy parties held in an upscale hotel.  Attention to detail is evident
throughout.  Highly recommended!

Tangerine's Dream
'A Wonderful Place To Live Out Your Sensual And Sexual Fantasies'
This is a great play place for select couples and singles.  A very safe place for
everyone to connect, socialize and play.  Everyone always leaves very happy!  Folks
new to the Lifestyle should experience this venue.

CandY's Adventures
'Come In and Explore the Playground!'
CandY's Adventures create events that are fun, social, and without pressure for new
people exploring as well as veterans.

'How About A TWIST In Your Life?'
Twist is a private party which caters to Lifestyle couples who wish to share adult
intimacy in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Very trendy and upscale without being
pompous or pretentious.  Their Friday and Saturday venues are highly recommended!

Bliss Bringers
'Whats Your Pleasure?'
A wonderful blogsite offering insightful information about Swinging, Polyamory,
BDSM, Kink and includes podcasts and lots of various ALT Lifestyle resources.

Life on the Swingset
'Life on the Swingset'
Lots of information about Swinging, Polyamory, BDSM, Kink and other ALT
relationships as told by those deep in the scene.