What is a Primal Pleasure Party?

Primal Pleasure Party is a series of different venues catering to the wide and varied desires of the Lifestyle
community.  They range from free public Lifestyle Meet-and-Greets, to private local group parties, to weekend trips
to various clubs around the country.

For 'newbies', our popular Meet-and-Greets cater to people who are curious about the Lifestyle and are looking for
a venue to explore what it is all about.  These are great for meeting others who are new to the Lifestyle scene or
have many years of experience in a comfortable and warm public setting.  There is no cost involved and people can
come and go as they please.  Usually they are held in quiet and cozy hotel lobbies where there is ample seating and
low foot traffic.

Our hosted parties are for those who have experience in the Lifestyle and are looking for unique venues to play.   
These events are usually private and have limited attendance.  If you are looking to explore some of your primal
desires and fantasies, these are the events to attend!

We occasionally organize trips to clubs not local to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Perfect for those with the
inclination to explore how the Lifestyle differs in various parts of the country.

Who is Primal Pleasure Party?

We are a REAL sex-positive couple with a desire to promote healthy and safe sensual exploration in the Lifestyle.  
We take pride in hosting our popular Meet-and-Greets for newbies and experienced folks and providing unique and
classy venues for those seasoned in the Lifestyle.

Some folks think we run a club or do this for money.  We do not own or run a club or venue.  We do not do this for
profit.  We simply provide a place and a time for like-minded folks to gather and donate the time to organize it.  Any
and all costs are to cover the normal operating expenses at the gathering place of choice.