Welcome to Primal Pleasure Party!

We host Lifestyle parties and events for folks interested in expanding their sexual horizons.  We try and create
venues to include every range of experience from newbies to experienced players.


Our FREE Meet-and-Greets cater to those folks that are new to the Lifestyle and are just starting out.  They provide
a pressure-free, public venue to meet other potential swingers without any preconceptions or expectations.  If you
are new to the Lifestyle and/or curious, a Meet-and-Greet is a great way to see if being 'Modern' is really for you.

If you are an experienced swinger, the Meet-and-Greet can be a great way to hook-up with some of those couples
you have been wanting to meet.   It is also an opportunity to meet some singles and couples who are new to the
Lifestyle and help them feel comfortable.

Takeovers and Events

Our takeover parties and events are designed to cater to those experienced couples looking for a unique and
exciting play space or unique venue.  We strive to make sure everyone who attends is a seasoned swinger and
everyone is a participant.  We ensure that each party has a social period to allow you a chance to get to know
others.  Although we focus on the social aspect of the Lifestyle and create a sexy and playful environment, play is
NEVER required at our venues!

Please check out our current parties by clicking the buttons above.

If you are new to Swinging, be sure to check out the '
Rules and Conduct' and 'Links' pages
for important information about basic rules, expected conduct and other information while
participating in the Lifestyle.

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